How customer satisfaction research has been integrated in the operations of a service company

Date of publication: February 1, 1996

Author: Sven Holmstrom


The paper gives en overview of the importance of integrate the results from customer satisfaction research in the day to day operations. In the paper it is given a short description of the company - the Swedish Farmers Relief Service Corporation - and the process how the results from the customer research are used. The organisation of the company have some importance why it is necessary to have knowledge of the customers attitudes and the demands of service. The importance of customer research in general is discussed. Some comments about the method for the customer satisfaction research are given. Specialists must do the research.The need of planning the feed-back of the results is underlined. The results from customer research give the management tools at all levels. Not just for service-operations and product-development, even for budget planning and for some adjustment of the business plan. To obtain useful results for the performance of the company it is also important to combine customer research to make similar research among the staff of the company. The results from the search of customers and staff also indicate the performance of the leadership of the company. The paper conclude that a quality performance depends on a high degree of customer satisfaction.

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