How to ask a question and what to avoid

Author: Jack Hamilton


Questionnaire design must be regarded as one of the most critical phases of a market research survey because if the required information is not covered adequately or if the questions are not asked properly then no amount of clever interviewing or ingenious post-analysis, either by man or by computer, can put things right. In this respect. It allows even less flexibility than samplIng. To construct a good questionnaire is a task which is both difficult and interesting. There is a veritable minefield of obstacles to be overcome, but at the same time there exists a series of quite simple rules to guide us through these successfully. Therein lies part of the interest. The other interest lies in the fact that each new survey brings with It Its own particular set of problems. The challenge is a real one each time.

Jack Hamilton


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Research Papers

Research Papers

ChatGPT, What?s All the Fuss?

Catalogue: Congress 2023

Authors: Sandy Casey, Tim Brewer


September 27, 2023

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