In pursuit of humans truths

Date of publication: May 4, 2018

Catalogue: Webinars 2018

Author: Dina El Sehrawy


The quality of answers we get are proportional not only to the quality of questions we ask, but how we ask them. Clients are facing unprecedented clutter, competition, complexity and consumer sophistication. Increasingly, qualitative research is being sought to strip the consumer bare - to reveal the deepest, most human truths, to unleash creativity in unprecedented ways, to facilitate stories and unearth insights that inspire 'future-proof' brands. As clients recognize that mass marketing is old and ailing, as psychographic and segmented approaches are being more widely adopted, as creating experiences that stretch brands without breaking them become all too important, as the world becomes a lot more nuanced, it has never been a more appropriate time to approach the consumer differently.

Dina El Sehrawy


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