Innovative marketing technologies

Date of publication: November 11, 2018

Company: YouGov

Author: Dörthe Jans


The analyses provide a better understanding of the future of AR and VR within marketing strategies. By understanding consumer’s appetite for virtual and augmented reality, quantifying the size of the viable market and getting to know the target groups that are most open to these technologies, companies can capitalise on this growing trend. It is our belief that this connected data approach can be used for all manner of insight purposes. Profiles add colour and depth to descriptions of target audiences. Data tracking brand health from BrandIndex helps explore longitudinal trends amongst target groups. Our connected dataset can then be further enhanced with custom data. Brands and agencies can drive their success only if they tell a story that consistently resonates with their audiences. In the future, the only way this will be possible is by utilizing multiple channels that will blend into one reality. The most successful brands will be those who embrace innovation and have a deep understanding of consumers, which they place at the heart of their innovation strategies. They will use consumer data to isolate the most responsive and receptive audiences, targeting them with using rich data to reduce wastage and build trust.

Dörthe Jans


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