Juliette in wonderland

Date of publication: June 15, 1989


Once upon a time, 10 year old Juliette is living in her own Wonderland; there, she is using her mother’s perfume any time she thinks she can get away with it. That isn’t often. Both mother and daughter despair. Juliette usually wears colourful clothes designed and sold by (Princess) Oilily who vividly recalls her own adult aspirations from when she was young herself. Now, Princess Oilily is in a position to help Juliette and her emancipatory Romeo-to-be. If only she would know what fragrances Juliette and Romeo really like and are a perfect match for the Oilily products as well. The Fairy Queen’s magicians (at Quest International) create 6 fragrances and the Wizard (Inter/View Nederland) is asked to test them with Juliette and her friends. The Wizard speaks with Juliette and her friends in the Princess Oilily environment using several child-friendly techniques like: a sniff-test (to simulate the purchase act) and a long-term usage test (to incorporate repeat purchase likelihood). One fragrance stands out for Juliette; another for Romeo. Princess Oilily gets Juliette her perfume; Romeo gets his hair gel. Juliette would have lived happily ever after, if she hadn’t discovered that her mother is now secretly using Juliette’s perfume when her mother is wearing her own Princess Oilily clothes. So, once upon another time Princess Oilily calls again the Fairy Queen who goes again to see the Wizard...

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