Date of publication: June 15, 1997


The study aims to demonstrate, first, the importance of a data assembly and analysis technique called “laddering” to the detection of subjective values associated to a product, brand or packaging; and secondly, from experience with the use of this technique, to illustrate how this kind of detection can contribute to the formation of strategies for product positioning and lines of communication. The study is organized in four parts. 1. Discussion of the situations in which the investigated matter demands an inventory of subjective values associated to a product, brand and/or packaging. 2. Brief presentation of the methodological fundaments of the “laddering” technique, and the necessary requirements for its practical use. 3. Illustration of the data analysis process and the possibility this technique offers in using lexical analysis software, through two examples drawn from real cases. 4. Discussion of different possibilities of using the result chains originating from “laddering”, according to the strategic course of action aimed by the company.

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