Market segmentation

Date of publication: June 15, 1970

Author: Jacques Durand


From the commencement of this seminar the question arose as to how to define the concept segmentation . The definition of concepts seems to me to be a basic duty. Doubtless there is a time when it is unnecessary, or even harmful. Such a case is when a new field of research is being outlined, when new techniques of analysis are being created. Then it is better to leave the coast clear for creative imagination. But at the point to which we have advanced, when research is reaching full maturity, clarification of concepts is necessary. Ambiguity at that level causes misunderstanding and puts a brake on the expansion of research. Now, the concept of segmentation conceals a twofold ambiguity. Some confusion is apparent between segmentation techniques and market segmentation, and also between segmentation and typology.

Jacques Durand


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