Market to market influence

Date of publication: September 1, 1992

Company: GfK

Author: Nezih H. Neyzi


The paper introduces the concept of "market to market influence" as a new aspect of international marketing which requires further study. It is based on the Turkish experience. In the first two parts of the article the social movements which play a role on the formation of market to market influence as well as activities and media which create such influence are discussed. The third part, devoted to actual cases describing the results of inter-market influences on certain types of goods, is followed by a discussion on the improvement in marketing research services and the expansion of foreign investments in Turkey resulting from the "push" caused by the influence of markets abroad. The paper is concluded with the view that market to market influence is the natural outcome of social evolution and will gain more emphasis in Europe after 1993 with the elimination of customs barriers among EC countries.

Nezih H. Neyzi


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