Mo' Trace

Date of publication: November 10, 2002

Author: Claudia Put


Compagnie has set up a national and international network of youngsters (Mo'Trace) who collect information regarding youth culture and other cultural shifts in their environment.These 'tracers' provide on a continual new input regarding remarkable, interesting and brand new cultural events in their urban location. Music, food and drinks, clothing, architecture, social situations are favorite topics. Mo'Trace goes beyond outlining trends that have a mainstream effect. Long before the stable, uniform lifestyle changes can develop, many other cultural outbreaks, provocations and contradictions have emerged and smoothed the path for the specific trend. These small-scale variations and mutations form important creative input for the development of communication formulas and new products in the marketing field. Moreover, youth culture is difficult to captivate in a broad movement, but rather as subcultures with specific preferences and lifestyles .A multifactorial and widespread method replaces a unilateral, localized and structured approach, in order to encompass the enlisted characteristics of youth culture.

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