New language and communication for social advertising

Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Cristina Nava


The goal of this paper Is to investigate social advertising in Italy as a concept (what It is, what it means, how people see it) and as communication through some examples of current advertising. It considers a qualitative research concerning the concept of social advertising as well as the language and style used. The research was carried out by Delfo In 1989 on behalf of Pubblicita Progresso, an Institute which promotes socially useful advertising on a strictly voluntary basis. It was one of the first attempts made to study and analyse social language. As a matter of fact, social advertising in Italy Is still something new and consequently research, especially qualitative, concerning them is quite recent. In this paper we will explain the structure of the research project, with particular attention to the methodology and techniques used as well as the sample considered. Descriptions will be provided concerning the different implications that social advertising has for both the individual and the family. The techniques used (creative and analytical/ psychodrama) enabled Delfo to thoroughly investigate expectations and resistance towards this issue. One of the main facts which emerged from this research was the necessity of finding the proper language, the right treatment as well as the most suitable communications tools for social issues. We include descriptions of some examples of social, advertising, in order to clearly stress which aspects must be taken into consideration and which elements could he seen as distracting. The conclusions resulting from the research underline that social advertising must obey advertising rules (In terms of expression, treatment, message). At the same time, since It Is "social advertising" it must also necessarily take Into account people current awareness of social phenomena and society in Italy. After the necessary adjustments, this conclusion can be TRUE also for other countries.

Cristina Nava


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