Of mice and men: Revealing the unconscious with the mouse tracker

Date of publication: November 11, 2018


In this paper, we will introduce a relatively new technology, the MouseTracker, a method that we have integrated in classic in-depth interviews. This has allowed us to get richer insight on three critical business decisions: - How do we segment customers? - How do we develop products based on the real and latent motivations and barriers for the adoption? - How do we identify the competitive set so that we can develop the appropriate positioning? Our aspiration for this paper is that readers will attempt to apply the MouseTracker within their specific business context. The true benefit of the MouseTracker and other new technologies for solving business problems is realised when these are integrated with other methods. Fusion is powerful. Although we have just begun using the MouseTracker, we believe this is an accessible, unobtrusive, easy to use technology that can add value to the field of insights across different industries.

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