Date of publication: March 21, 2018

Company: PepsiCo

Author: Javier Cohenar


Imagine this: your boss gives you the task to increase sales to each of your customers (you have 300 customers) but you only have 5 minutes to convince them. By the way, do not assume that your customers will give you their full attention during those 5 minutes or that you will be sitting in a comfortable room showing some slides; your customer is likely to be doing something else while you are there and you may be talking to her from the street through a window. You only have your smartphone. What do you do? This is the challenge faced by PepsiCo Foods salesforce in Colombia every week when visiting its more than 300.000 traditional trade customers and the way we are addressing this challenge is by making our salesforce's smartphones really smart through machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that leverage our existing data.

Javier Cohenar


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