Proposal for reach and frequency calculation in a continuos panel

Date of publication: May 1, 1997


The objective of this study is to give an answer to the needs, inquires and difficulties faced by the Mexican advertising industry regarding the Reach and Frequency calculation for TY audience in a continuos panel by electronic measurement. Adding up the experiences in the operational reality in a continuos panel, analyzing the calculation procedures for rating, reach and frequency as well as our client’s requirements, we have designed a method for a continuous panel without editing process, which already operating in our country with satisfactory results. With the aim of supporting the proposal, the structure of this document includes the description of the Mexican market, our position in respect to the different methodologies used for the reach and frequency calculation, the actual description of the Method, results analysis on both theoretical and empirical tests, description of the systematization of the method for its application as well as the advantages and limits as a concluding mark.

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