Radio and TV audiences in the 90's

Date of publication: May 1, 1994


Looking at the future, it is clear that it is truism to state that the electronic media of the 90s differs greatly from that of the 80s. Satellite technology, digital compression and the expanding cable network (particularly with fibre glass cable) are fundamentally altering the media scene. Considerably more programmes are being offered, and selectivity as well as interaction are foreseen. Audience behaviour patterns will change very much. For this reason, the measurement technology of the 80s will certainly not meet the requirements of the second half of the 90s. But: Measurement systems are large and complex investments which over a long period cannot be altered much. It therefore appears all the more important to me that their "developers" correctly anticipate the future and prepare themselves with suitable strategies. As a little bit of a deliverer of measurement systems, I want my contribution to show a little how I view the measurement problem of the future and on what solution strategies we are working. Here too (not only the development of the media itself) technology is an essential factor which will also determine to a certain extent the future. I would like to structure the following remarks as follows: 1. Where is TELECONTROL? 2. Who is TELECONTROL? 3. The media landscape 4. Strategies in the past 5. The passive problem 6. The future strategies 7. The product portfolio.

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