Research World (December 2006)

Date of publication: December 1, 2006

Catalogue: Research World 2006

Author: ESOMAR B.V.


Some contend that the market research industry has missed out on opportunities in the last few decades but is this true? They point for example, at the possibilities of data mining or those offered by the internet. Whatever the case, it is apparent that the growth of the industry will remain relatively modest and that profit margins will not exceed a few percent for years to come. Renewal in marker research is often provided by newcomers and outsiders, as in other industry sectors. Of course, change is also driven by businessmen who have a major influence on working methods through effecting mergers and acquisitions and by streamlining operations to increase efficiency and effectiveness. In the period to come, we will explore the boundaries of current market research and in doing so, aim to shed light on the dynamics of change and the emergence of new and promising approaches. We begin with this edition of Research World by asking several key questions including what will be the impact of more entrepreneurial behaviour and to what extent will industry insiders or new entrants determine how the game is played. What is certain is that technological developments and convergence are creating numerous opportunities. Advances in software will also play an influential role. Perhaps “Marketing Productivity Analysis" is also acquiring new powerful impulses: a change in the image of market research is highly dependent on more attention being paid to accountability and the application of analytical concepts, measurements and metrics in order to show the actual contributions that marker research makes, crystal clear.



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