Research World (November 2005)

Date of publication: November 1, 2005

Catalogue: Research World 2005

Author: ESOMAR B.V.


Market researchers generally have their own ideas about what they do. For some it’s a question of solid data collection, for others it's more a matter of providing advice and interpretation based on aggregated information. In addition, there are those who say that they provide objective insights or intelligence. Then again, others place their contribution in the broader context of linking supply and demand in the market and they speak in terms of ‘reducing uncertainty’ and ‘improving decision-making'. This is usually accompanied by an explanation of how to combine information from various sources - and where necessary filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle. Predictions are then made about possible developments in the immediate future. After all, forecasting and providing foresight are increasingly emerging as key areas of attention. But are these interpretations of our contribution really satisfactory?

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