Research World (November 2009)

Date of publication: November 1, 2009

Catalogue: Research World 2009

Author: ESOMAR B.V.


Qualitative research is actually innovating ahead of quantitative - and leading that innovation into the quantitative arena itself. Think of what is being done in biometrics, neuroscience and ethnography. It all starts in the qualitative arena and then people start trying to work out how to bring it into the world of quantification. Today, there are companies trying to figure out how to bring to market mass ethnography and even mass semiotics. I would further argue that the 'new' qualitative is bringing fun (read engagement) back into research for both the respondent and the researcher - and that this too is making quantitative researchers think about how they do the same. In addition, some of the new technological platforms in qualitative research, which make it possible to combine ethnography, one-on-ones, billboards and focus groups, both offline and online, are showing the way to quantitative researchers in terms of what 'integrated' or ‘holistic’ research can mean. This is not just to give qualitative researchers a pat on the back.

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