Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Author: Alain Parodi


The main objective of the SESAME study is to answer to some fundamental questions which have been resolved by too "conventional" answers. For example : - What is spending for which objective? - Is there some spending level minimum or maximum? For example, in France the minimum level in television has been stated around 3 millions of francs for years. While the cost per GRP has increased by 42 % since 1986. - What media for which objective ? We could find a lot of conventional answers as : radio suits to a buying incitative objective, magazines are used in order to create brand image. -Do we need a mono-media or a bi-media to achieve a given objective under a given budgetary constraint ? -What is the influence of competitors advertising campaigns ? The main objective of SESAME is to reexamine "admitted" opinions.

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