Some people are more equal than others


I want to express my concern that we should avoid at all costs the error of supposing that advertising only works one way and that the best way to communicate with people and motivate them to action is constant between people and between situations. As some of the papers have indicated we have become more sophisticated In trying to define our real target market. Complex segmentation studies by attitude groups arc carried out so that wc know whether our new product is likely to appeal to experimental or traditional housewives, whether we are trying to sell our dog food to people who treat their dogs as a substitute or as a member of the family and so on. We have learnt to be specific about whether we are trying to get users to buy more or non-users to try our brand, and to study the differences between users and non-users to see which strategy is likely to be more successful. Beyond this Dr. Joyce has pointed out in his excellent paper that some consumers are worth more than others to the advertiser because they consume more of the product and if converted will consume more of his brand.

Julia Ann Burdus


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