Specific case of points of sale selection through census and sampling

Date of publication: June 15, 1964

Author: Jean Bigant


Selecting points of sales is a problem which many concerns, dealing with large consumption products, have to face frequently, either when they want their products to be sold in first class stores or when they want to start a promotional action with selected retailers or even when they want to launch a new product. Such selection is usually made in their commercial departments which dispose of a network of agents visiting regularly present and potential clients. But sometimes firms needing to make that kind of selection do not dispose of the proper equipment and they have to call in external sales forces or research companies. Sometimes ago, I had the opportunity to take part in an experience which I think would be interesting to be reported here. With some improvements and adjustments, it can be applied to other cases. At first I shall try to report the problem as it actually occurred and draw the main lines of the method and then I shall give the main results that were obtained.

Jean Bigant


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