Standardizing advertising for the international market

Date of publication: August 1, 1975


Should advertising of various products and services be standardized in the international market, or are there too many cultural obstacles? At one extreme is the view that one basic advertising theme is desirable because of similarities in points of view about many products among people of different heritages, and also because one theme promotes the development of a consistent and universally recognized company image. The opposite view is that more than one theme is desirable, in order to respond effectively to the cultural differences that exist among varying locales. A new method of decision-making is given here, and one that can be put to practical use. Actually the answers should be made on the basis of detailed information about: -Consumption patterns; -Psychosocial characteristics; -Cultural criteria. Specific these three any product criteria have been developed for each of areas. The result is a special matrix for or service type.

Steuart Henderson Britt


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