Survey on the problems of transferring a brand from one Western European country to another

Date of publication: September 1, 1972

Author: J. Stolte


The common market is - despite all difficulties - a successful arrangement for the economic unification of Europe. Efforts to unify the supply of consumer goods to the European market, without riding roughshod over regional and national specialities, are part of it. It would be a paradoxical if, for example, a consumer goods industry which is also trying to meet the wishes of defined minorities by means of marketing, advertising and market research, behaved in a different, i. e. the wrong way when extending their offer to neighbouring markets. Internationalisation of brands cannot always mean offering the same product with several languages printed on the wrapper and advertising translated into the language of the country concerned. Here a different procedure has to be applied and we shall now examine this. The practical case at the end shows the "transfer" of a successful French liqueur to the German market.

J. Stolte


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