The application of geodemographics to retailing- Meeting the needs of the catchment

Date of publication: September 1, 1988


This paper discusses the role of geodemographics in retailing and its contribution to retail segmentation, store ranging and customer service. It provides an overview of the status of this new ’science’ in U.K. retailing, drawing on key interviews with some of the countries leading operators. It discusses how new systems which incorporate geodemographics are leading to more focused retail environments which are being geared to local markets and at new customer targets. The paper also includes a case study which features a specialist chain: Kingswood a leading chemist retailer in the U.K.. The case study illustrates the contribution of market research to advanced technology in computerised space management systems. It shows how merchandising strategies were developed for Kingswood which enabled the Company to meet better the needs of its customers in the catchments of its outlets. The paper goes on to discuss the implication of these developments for the manufacturer. It provides a case study which illustrates how in a technological environment, manufacturer and retailer can work together to identify opportunities for targeting local differences.

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