The car, the environment and the media

Date of publication: June 15, 1998

Company: CARMA


The paper outlines a research project examining press coverage of the motor industry in six European markets in order to track the incidence of a range of environmental issues and the presence of certain key messages both for and against the industry. The project quantifies press coverage of a wide range of issues including manufacturing and fuel technology; pollution congestion and environmental concerns; consumer benefits and concerns; and pressure exerted on the motor industry from governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). It also provides a measure of the favourability of press coverage to the European motor industry. The research suggests that Japan and the United States still hold industry leadership on environmental matters and that European motor manufacturers respond more to legislation and pressure-group action than consumer demand. It concludes that manufacturers should move from responding to environmental pressures purely on a technological and design basis and should seek to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with special interest groups on transport and travel policy.

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