The development and application of a new micro market testing technique

Date of publication: September 1, 1970

Author: Brian C. Pymont


The paper describes the development and application of a new technique designed to expose a new product to test market type evaluation - in particular the crucial repeat buying factor - at the sort of cost involved in a product test. The technique operates through a consumer panel of housewives which is serviced by a mobile retail system supported by its own self contained advertising medium in the form of a brochure exclusive to panel members. Extensive validation experiments have been undertaken in both the U.K. and France and the new technique is now operational in both these countries. The application of the technique to marketing problems is illustrated by a series of examples involving the evaluation of completely new products and the re-launch of existing brands. Additionally the paper describes the application of the technique to a new area, that of evaluating the effectiveness of alternative promotional activity and price levels.

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