The effects of economic and social changes on the children's market

Date of publication: October 1, 1978

Company: Ogilvy


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effects in the UK children's market of the economic recession and its resultant social changes. It will consider how changing patterns in adult behaviour are handed down to children and how they react to the present environment. Since 1974 OBM have been monitoring the effects on the UK consumer of inflation, recession and related social change. Part of the programme of research has included investigation into the effects of these recent changes on children as consumers and on their parents' attitudes to child purchases (whether made by the parent or by the child). 1975 was the year in which most of the research was conducted into children as consumers and the attitudes and opinions which showed up at that time have been re-considered in a new study conducted this year. We have looked at the results to see which of the earlier reactions have hardened into long-term policies and which applied only during the heart of the recession. This paper will compare and contrast the work carried out in 1975 with the latest research, to establish the underlying changes which have persisted and their likely relevance for future marketing considerations.

Shirley Greenberg


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