The globalisation of innovation


In recent years there has been much discussion about the globalisation of markets which has resulted from a number of developments in consumption patterns, in supply, in technical progress and the process of competition which greatly influences the international dimensions and relationships of business. This means that globalisation of innovation is an important issue for successful operation. One might wonder to what extent the international "marketeer" is really able to implement an innovative approach to products, services, manufacturing and marketing. An overall determining influence in the analysis of global innovation is that of the mission one uses, the objectives, the time span and the aggregation level. In our branch of the industry transnational thinking is necessary. Is the ultimate aim global brands, uniform products, uniform packaging, uniform sales and service? This has yet to be seen. Standardisation of working methods is undeniable increasing rapidly. It. cannot, be denied that the distribution channels differ considerably from country to country. A tendency to concentration is however applicable in the most important regional markets; similarities can be recognised from types of entrepreneurial behaviour at the level of trade throughout, countries. Trade is organising itself on a more international level. Nevertheless, this instrument is probably the most locally or regionally oriented in the chain of "global marketing". Some characteristics of the international innovation culture of our organisation are dealt with in the following and also some elements are given of the adaptation to local market and trade requirements by our world-wide network of national organisations. Finally, some aspects of the innovation of working methods in marketing are dealt, with.

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