The importance of Pan-European marketing information for international marketing strategy

Date of publication: June 15, 1991


We note in this case-study that the support of pan-European marketing information is decisive to understand the complexicity of the challenging European market which needs a lot of preparation for the total opening of the frontiers. It is indispensable to integrate all information sources to get the right picture of the market. To get a well harmonized information picture across the different countries is an important step but not enough to understand it. To analyse international figures we need a proper knowledge of the various local particularities. The durables good industry should be prepared to the geographical extension of the large retailer organisations with purchasing departments for the European market and set up pan-European key account marketing function as well as capabilities to face this new dimension which is becoming more and more important in the near future. To get the parallel-import phenomena under control, the industry should be supported in the marketing information by a pan-European pricing monitor. Setting up an international marketing strategy either based on consumer research or on retailer panel information without integration of both of them in the analysis of the market situation is very risky and can lead to wrong strategic issues. To be successful on our challenging European market in the durables field we need for the international marketing strategy the support of global pan-European marketing information with the integration of the knowledge of the local environment and the different source of information like the qualitative and the quantitative ones.

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