The internationalisation of everyday-life-research

Date of publication: June 15, 1990


This paper is about a new international approach to consumer research. The Approach uses the concept of Everyday-Life Research (EDL) which is derived from the principles of phenomenology, ethnomethodology, and social psychology seeking to understand the world as people experience it. The research covered four European key markets: Great Britain, France, Italy, and West Germany. Using fundamental values, beliefs and attitudes, it identified eight distinctive Multinational Target Groups which share similar views on life, enjoy comparable life styles, and are subject to similar codes and rules in spite of different national flavours. In combination, the Multinational Target Groups constitute a Euro- Positioning Model for marketing and communication. The Model provides the methodological flexibility and cultural insights needed to adjust global marketing to different local requirements. Together with product and brand related attitudes and behaviours, the Multinational Target Groups have proven to be very powerful tools in marketing and communication strategy.

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