The pollsters' survival kit for election night...and the days after

Date of publication: October 12, 2020

Catalogue: Webinars 2020


With only a few weeks to go before the U.S. presidential election, Americans are facing the potential for a long and protracted period of uncertainty about the outcome.  Will Donald Trump be elected for four more years or will the American voters make a change and elect Joe Biden? In this webinar, North American and International pollsters will share their views on where the race stands, what seem to be the central issues, and how - and when - it's all likely to end.

Voter Priorities, Battleground States, and Other Assorted Things to Keep Your Eye On The 2020 US Presidential Election

by Clifford Young, President, Public Affairs, Ipsos USA

Pollsters confront new challenges in every election, but perhaps never as many as they do in 2020.  This presentation summarizes those challenges, with new data and warnings for analysts.

Who gets the ballot box bonus?

by Jean-Marc Leger, President, Leger Market Research and Analytics

It will all come down to voter enthusiasm.  Assessing voter turnout is a key factor in allowing polls to be close to the election's results, especially in battleground states. Jean-Marc Leger will present his innovative techniques to better evaluate voter turnout and improve the accuracy of election polling.

Identifying Voters and Reporting the Votes Before, On, and Even After Election Day

By Joe Lenski, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, Edison Research

The election isn't over until we know the winner.  This year increases in vote by mail, the coronavirus pandemic and campaign attacks on the process may make reporting the results more difficult than ever.  What tools- old and new- are being used to know the voting outcome? 

From The Red Wall To The Rust Belt - How Forgotten Communities In The UK and The US Flexed Their Political Muscle

By Deborah Mattinson, Founding Partner, BritainThinks.

A view from across the pond; the lessons Americans can learn from recent British elections. 

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