To be or not to be durable

Date of publication: June 15, 1992


The Consumer Electronics Industry has worldwide arrived at a phase of reconditioning. Both manufacturers, consumers and the intermediate trade are confronted with Shakespeare's intriguing question mark: "To Be Or Not To Be?". Who will survive? There is no doubt that in the marketing era of Consumer Orientation and Consumer Satisfaction, the consumer will survive in the end. But what about manufacturers and the intermediate trade, where business is going more and more multi-national, regional or global? Will they endure, and how many manufacturers will endure? Market- and Marketing Research and Intelligence cannot solve all these questi- ons, but there is, certainly in these days, a tremendous opportunity to help solve these questions. Three major Issues will be highlighted, where alliances and partnerships are leading principles. The first Issue relates to the future of the Electronics Industry in Europe itself. It will pave the way for the second Issue, which refers to developments in Distribution in the European arena, and whether these will deliver opportunities to Consumer Electronics manufacturers. The concept of Added Value will be shown to be the cornerstone of new policy making. The last Issue covered refers to developments in Marketing Research and Intelligence, and whether Marketing Research and Consultancy can help improve Customer Orientation and the development of Partnerships, both at Trade, and Consumer level.

Nico van der Zanden


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