Tomorrow's panels are here today


In this paper we describe in detail the Australian panels which source the AGB BrandScan consumer purchasing information service. In describing these panels we give a flavour to the way in which the shape and nature of the BrandScan panels were determined. In later sections we will address some particular issues in methodology which have a bearing on our fundamental thesis that all data capture instruments should in their design be acutely sensitive to the total impact, both perceived and real, on the selected respondent. In a panel context the use of the 'new technology', carefully specified and implemented, should not only increase the level of accuracy in reporting but also give rise to higher co-operation levels than those obtained on panels using traditional diary techniques. From here it is a relatively short step to argue that a panel with a low data capture burden associated with its normal task can be used to provide high quality information on - say - TV viewing, albeit for restricted periods of time, particularly if appropriate technology is used.

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