Uncovering the unspoken word

Date of publication: December 4, 2017

Company: SKIM


In today's fast-paced digital world time is precious, speed is of the essence and attention spans are short - yet expectations of market research have never been greater. This is why we have to adjust, challenge existing norms and come up with entirely new ways of doing research. To uncover how today's consumers truly think and behave we need to connect with them in the same way they connect with the world around them. This means that new research methods will have to place mobile technology at their core, replace overly rational questions with fast-paced intuitive exercises and entertain rather than bore people. This paper shows how combining implicit research techniques with an engaging mobile interface can do exactly that. More specifically, by using intuitive swiping and tapping exercises that trigger more instinctive responses and incorporating reaction time as an implicit measure, response biases prominent in Asian cultures can be reduced and true preferences uncovered.

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