Using trade and technical publication as a "mini" data base

Date of publication: November 1, 1979

Author: Alain Meyer


L'USINE NOUVELLE, top trade and technical publication in France because of its "rapport" with both readers and advertisers, provides a comprehensive source of data. In fact, L'USINE NOUVELLE publishes on average 15000 ads ; this represents 2400 advertisers and also it has received 375000 inquiries from its readers (reply cards from reader service and telephone inquiries to Information Department or Editorial Department (365000 and 10000). There are two types of inquiries most often made : For the reply READER SERVICE, by implication, they require a manufacturer's catalogue (advertising and technical notes). For the Information Department, it's basically inquiries about the addresses of manufacturers (80%) either spontaneously (60%) or as the result of an editorial mention in an article in the publication (20%) or occasionally following editorial on a specific subject (20%). These different "rapport" with known readers of the publication have led us to make observations and surveys. These surveys will be carried out on the READER SERVICE of L'U.N. ; and the whole system is carried out by computer.

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