Well-being and good moods

Date of publication: September 8, 2019

Author: Vilma Scarpino


This presentation is about health and well-being!

Wellness is also a state of mind, an integration of body, spirit, and culture where good health goes along with good mood. That's why more Europeans than Africans or Americans feel unwell. Moreover, Americans perception of wellness seems not much linked to their weight control. 

Younger males are confident about their body fitness but this confidence drops year after year till the reach of the age of 44. In fact, the age of 44 is the watershed between feeling still young and the consciousness of growing older, finally accepted reaching 56 years old. We start feeling old around 60. The challenge for the future is to understand how to maintain engaged the senior population in the society taking advantages of their competences, healthiness and good mood. Active aging and conncedt health are both hot topic on which sector companies are developing strategies and communication- where market research industry can be a key partner.  

Vilma Scarpino


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