What turns them on and what turns them off

Date of publication: November 1, 1996

Author: Chris Robinson


Traditional marketing has long recognized the important role of market research. Perhaps the one area where the marketer and the market researcher might actually agree to disagree is the. extent to which gut feel and experience are considered as viable replacement for objective market feedback from the end consumer. Both sides can quote many examples to make a strong case for both the successes or failures of intuition (or market feel) on the one hand and carefully researched and subsequently fine-tuned marketing strategies that have been successful (or indeed otherwise) on the other. One area where intuition is most often allowed to run its full course is in the area of concept and advertising development. Typically the process starts with a marketer briefing his agency on his perceptions of the consumer’s attitudes, motivations and behaviour. This may be, and often is, a combination of in-market experience and any research that may have been carried out - and that hopeftilly offers such insight

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