7,8,9 out! Could this be the future of market research in companies?

Date of publication: September 1, 1988


Marketing researchers have traditionally been very active in refining techniques and methods for obtaining better information. In their day-to-day practical work they are not so accustomed to examining their own behaviour. In particular, there is an increasing need for marketing researchers to consider their role in the organisation of which they are a part, so as to be able to make an appropriate contribution to the decision-making process. This paper takes a closer look - in a self- critical manner - at a number of aspects of the behaviour of the marketing researcher in a company and the changes that will be necessary in the future. The subjects dealt with are also relevant, however, to others working in marketing research, for example in institutes or universities. If the cap fits, wear it! This paper is above all intended to stimulate discussion about the role behaviour of researchers and necessary improvements.

Ulrich Lachmann


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