A case of telemarketing contribution to success in below-the-line activities

Date of publication: November 6, 1985

Company: B&C s.r.l.

Author: Roberto Volk


A substantial manufacturing company operating in the difficult food-stuff field had set itself as an objective to expand their distribution beyond their limited regional market. The method employed has been that of a combination of direct marketing techniques: The first step has been the sending out of a mailing; this action has been followed by a first telemarketing operation to implement the effects of the mailing. We have then devised a means to submit our target to a product demonstration (i.e. bring the market to the product). The conclusive stage (i.e. to bring the product into the market) has consisted in a second telemarketing action to fix an appointment for the salesmen and so exploit the good-will generated by the preceding actions. The results at the end of the operation have been consistent with the objectives and, on the basis of feed-back data, we can consider it a success.

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