A framework for improved CRM analytics

Date of publication: March 17, 2002


This paper focuses on helping CRM and analytics managers choose the analytic approaches and tools that best match an organization's readiness to receive and use them. CRM and analytic leaders often believe that complex value models and sophisticated statistical techniques yield superior results. However, experience shows that companies generate more business impact by deploying simple analytical approaches, particularly when relatively new to CRM and customer analysis. This enables executives and front-line employees to understand customer-centric approaches and builds the foundation for more complex approaches at a later stage in development. CRM and analytic managers play a critical role as companies implement CRM and other customer-centric projects. By understanding the organization's key business issues and assessing readiness for a customer centric approach, technical managers can tailor analytics to maximize understanding. Comprehending that simpler tools and models can often lead to better business results is a powerful, if somewhat counterintuitive, concept.

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