A great partnership

Date of publication: June 1, 2008


This paper presents an internationally validated study proving that the right brand and the right media venue produce increased sales and that it can be measured, before media is bought. This innovative approach examines two Latin American brands and the effects that can be gained when advertising on a medium that engages consumers, thus reinforcing the brands' values. In fact, marketers can predictively correlate media selection with increased levels of positive consumer behavior in the marketplace. Using this approach allows marketers and strategic planners to leverage real brand and media values to accurately identify optimum marketing and media opportunities. From a 21st century media Return-On-Investment perspective it allows the media to present their strengths (beyond appropriate demographics and audience size) as it pertains to offering increased levels of consumer engagement in the advertising and positive behavior in the marketplace. The model, called Brand-to-Media-Engagement (B2ME), allows marketers and planners to accurately measure the levels of engagement that will result from advertising efforts. This more strategic and effective planning approach turns traditional 'targets' into actual paying 'customers'. Most importantly, these assessments can be conducted before marketers spend their money, a win-win for all parties!

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