A simulation model for the development and control of products their packaging and advertising

Author: W. A. K. Frost


The Objectives underlying the implementation of the system include: 1. To find out in detail: a) What opportunities exist within a market for new brands; b) How the positioning of current brands should be modified. 2. To provide a valid basis (both for new and current brands) for assessing and directing the development of: a) product, b) packaging, c) advertising. NEMO is a computerised method of locating "gaps” between the current positions occupied by existing brands. ROBERT is a computer model of the market which contains the positions of all the brands rated in the main survey. It also contains the positions of the "ideal" products of all the survey respondents . The validity of the model is reflected in the degree to which it can take the positions of the brands and the positions of the consumers and from these predict who buys which brands.

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