A theoretical and empirical study of product placement quality

Date of publication: June 21, 2005


Based on expert, domain knowledge and experience, academic advice and guidance, as well as an extensive meta-analysis of existing advertising, awareness, involvement, and perception studies, iTVX, in collaboration with OTX Research of California (USA), has concluded a first stage study to examine the efficacy of the iTVX hierarchical model of product placement, quality, and integration impact. Specifically, the authors tested and measured the differential attitudinal, perceptual, and behavioral impact of the product integration experience on a sample of U.S. TV audience members and correlated these results with output in the form of a Quality Ratio (Q/Ratio). The primary finding from this study supports the notion that the Q/Ratio is a solid predictor of differential product/brand recognition. Recognition represents an emotional component of brand/product impression on memory, and the results show a clear ability to discriminate the difference between two clips of product placement deliberately chosen to represent 'high' and 'low' quality as calculated by the iTVX system.

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