Abbreviated simulated test markets as advertising pretesting tools

Date of publication: September 1, 1987

Author: Jörg Rehorn


Abbreviated simulated test markets are an attempt to get out of this dilemma. They try to achieve several objectives at the same time: 1. They attempt to generate data on the way in which advertising influences purchasing behaviour as reliably as full simulation does; 2. They attempt to avoid deficiencies of traditional simulated test markets, most especially the expenditure in time and money; 3. They attempt to generate comparable qualitative data in the same way as the traditional advertising pretests. So, abbreviated simulation tests are a mixture between traditional simulated test markets and traditional qualitative advertising pretests. A process of how such an abbreviated simulation test might be conducted is described as a contribution to the current discussion and as a catalyst to trigger further research in this direction.

Jörg Rehorn


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