Active information on investments

Date of publication: February 1, 1975

Author: L. Bransch


The prerequisite for any market process is the communication between supplier and consumer. Communication in two respects: 1. In that the supplier is active in informing the consumer in line with the latter's requirements; 2. In that the consumer is active in procuring information in connection with an offer. This second aspect of communication is dealt with here in detail and on the basis of the study report "Status and Chances of Investment" published by ADIG-Investment analysed as to how one can obtain information on investments, how sources of information are assessed and what awareness is present as to how well or how poorly one is informed . Firstly, facts show that 85% of the population over 14 years of age have at some time or other made enquiries regarding investments in other words, money and the possibilities of investing it is a subject, which occupies almost everyone, at least from time to time.

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