Ad page exposure velocity

Date of publication: June 19, 2003

Author: Craig T. Gugel


The author recently analyzed the accumulation patterns of 120 different magazine schedule/target combinations in order to identify a potential hierarchy of ad exposure accumulation by both broad editorial classification and frequency of publication. It is expected that the results of this analysis will initiate a dialogue regarding the most expedient ways to move the print planning and negotiation process to the next level, i.e., from vehicle exposure (stage two) to advertising exposure (stage three) of the ARF Model.This paper briefly outlines the accountability and declining share-of-adspend issues prevalent in the magazine industry today. It then highlights a number of velocity metrics for the schedules analyzed and provides several strategic recommendations that the industry might wish to consider in moving the process of print planning and negotiation forward to later stages of the ARF Model.

Craig T. Gugel


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