Adapting advertising to the media environment, or: The way to kill two birds with one stone

Date of publication: June 15, 1992


The significance of the media environment with respect to the effectiveness of advertising can be considered as one of the most arbitrary subjects in the field of media research and media planning. Systematical research in this field, however, has hardly been undertaken. Bv means of a research survey, the (Dutch) publishing company Weekbladpers wanted to investigate whether adaption to the media environment (Umfeld) would generate increased effectiveness of advertising. If this proves to be true, it might result in media planners and creatives taking into account (with the aid of available information from comparative analyses on that subject) the influence of the contents and structure of the various media on the effectiveness of advertising. The desire to stimulate the discussion on this subject was the primary consideration which has led the Weekbladpers to initiate this research project. The research agency r+m, Research and Marketing, in Heerlen, was commissioned to set up and carry out a survey.

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