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The Spanish Financial Sector is undergoing a big process of change and mergers and in the future far fewer financial entities will offer a far wider range of products. Customers are losing their loyalty to the financial institution and establishing relations with two or more entities at the same time. It's very difficult to maintain a differentiated image among competitors with normal products and services, even if they have special conditions which can be very easily copied. . Added value products are one way for avoiding these risks and maintain customer loyalty. The SERVEI FAMILIAR is a very differentiated package which: -Has not been copied in its entirety by other competitors. -Offers more benefits to the customers than the average in the market. -Maintains customer loyalty. Established a strong account-growth trend that we expect will continue during next years. As we said in our latest advertising campaign: It's been 1.000 days of success since the product relaunching and we expect that our success will last 1.000 more days, at least.

Felix Serrano Alda


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Research Papers

Research Papers

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