Adjustment of advertising to continually developing values: An operative model of analysis

Date of publication: June 15, 1989


The rapidly developing social and cultural scene is bringing about a parallel change in values, attitudes and life styles. This is reflected on the consumer's choice of products and brands. In Italy in particular the consumer is bombarded by a mass of different stimuli and invitations to consume. In this context, a survey among women who are responsible for food buying highlights the risks of this excess, and the limited effectiveness of a large number of advertising messages. We therefore need to build up top quality, effective advertising bearing in mind the situation in the market and the media, and the overcrowding of advertisements. Scientific research into today's values and life styles provides the creative people with the concepts and symbols which the target group can relate to. The model we propose here offers: - to creative staff, an indication as to how these values can be translated into effective messages - to operators, a tool by which to judge the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, during pre- and post-schedule testing. This model is derived from the most recent findings in hypnotic theories, from communication pragmatics and from neurolinguistic programming. After a few words on the theoretical assumptions and how they can be applied in marketing, we will propose a case history regarding a newspaper advertisement.

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