Advertisement post tests in magazines

Date of publication: March 1, 1976


Author: Eva Maria Hess


This paper describes the methods of measuring the effectivity of ads in print media after their insertion, in the competitive environment . The traditional methods for measuring physical contacts are recognition and recall. A discussion of the validity of these methods clearly shows that "recognition" does not measure whether or not a given ad has been recognized but- it measures interest in the ad. In case of "recall" the results are influenced by the consumer brand awareness of the brand and, when it comes to "proven recall", they are influenced by duration and intensity of the advertising campaign. In a further chapter techniques for measuring the emotional engagement are described, techniques which tell something about the impression which the ad leaves in regard to the importance of the message, the credibility of the message. All the test methods are of some importance for determining the effectivity of an ad or an advertising campaign.

Eva Maria Hess


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