Advertisers' problems with agency service in the Middle East


"Advertisers' Problems with Agency Sen/ice in the Middle East" is the result of a qualitative application of PDS technology-proprietary to BBDO Worldwide. The Study, recently conducted among a cross-section of decision makers within client companies, provides a hierarchy of "complaints" on several aspects of agency service- -including creative, media and research. These rank orderings are determined by advertiser assessment of the importance of each problem and the frequency of its occurrence. The findings derived from this Study reveal advertiser dissatisfaction related to several of the basic "success factors” in the agency business/profession (e.g. talent, initiative, expertise, precision and willingness to invest). Furthermore, proactivity in business relations appears to be lacking, as does the willingness to evaluate work according to objective measurement. This paper was first presented at the ESOMAR Conference in Dubai on 17 February 1992 based on the twenty-seven responses processed at that time. As of this writing, fifty responses have been received. There are no significant differences between the two sets of findings, although a few of the rank orderings have changed.

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